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Craniosacral therapy based in East London (Bow/Hackney), North London and Central London. Specialising in tinnitus therapy, stress, trauma and anxiety. CST can help with many different conditions emotional and physical. Due to it’s gentle and non-invasive nature it is suitable for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births.




Due to data protection clients cannot be fully named here. These were taken from my Facebook page Review section, given freely by the client.

I ABSOLUTELY loved my session and have told about 50 people about you. I felt very happy and relaxed and connected, it was really magical.  Thank you! (VS)

Would highly recommend this therapy and Simon in particular, especially if you’ve suffered tinnitus from loud music exposure. I always thought there was nothing you could do to help once you get tinnitus; every doctor always says there is no cure and you’re stuck with it and therefore you are left a bit helpless. A friend recommended Simon and I’m so pleased I went through the therapy. I learnt a lot about how to manage it and it opened my eyes to how therapy can make a huge impact. After 5 sessions, my tinnitus has hugely subsided but more importantly I don’t notice it anymore and can crack on. It’s also great working with Simon who has spent so many years in loud clubs and it gives you confidence in the therapy because it has worked for him, so he can really relate to your circumstances. (SP)


My first session with Simon was incredibly relaxing and felt instantly beneficial. It’s obvious that this work is very deep and layered and the effects seemed to last long after the session. I run one of the larger yoga studios in East London so I’m no stranger to therapeutic body work - I’m more than delighted to recommend Simon to my students and colleagues and believe everyone can benefit from this work. Thanks Si, looking forward to the next session! (CF)


The very new age idea of 'looking after yourself had always seemed a foreign concept to an old schooler like me, but as much out of intrigued, than of any perceived need, I decided to visit my old friend Simon Baker who in recent years has trained and graduated in the art of Craniosacral Therapy. His flyer claimed to help relieve a plethora of symptoms, which to a man brought up in an age, where your only option was a couple of Nurofen and a nap, I was a little sceptical but it was obvious from the start that this was modern day voodoo was working it's magic where it was most needed and still is as we speak! If like me you're intrigued, or just shattered, blow par or just want to be a little better inside and out, then drop him a line, he will give you an informal breakdown of the practise and it's core ideas. Thank you sir, my zen is a ten! (KB)


Simons session left me feeling super grounded and I slept so well that night. Definitely be back for more of this magic. (PR)


I suffer from tinnitus as a result of scuba diving. Having exhausted 'traditional' medical routes, I am now embarking on Cranio treatment with Simon, alongside acupuncture to try and lessen the impact this is having. In my first treatment with Simon he identified a couple of on-going issues that I hadn't disclosed which may or may not be linked to the tinnitus, and it being my first experience of the therapy, I found it really fascinating that he was able to pick up on this. The treatment was super relaxing, and I am interested to see how things progress after a few regular sessions.(SW)


I loved my treatment with Simon. It was my first time having Cranio and I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd had an awful, recurring headache in my brow and eyes, which dissipated soon after. The holds were gentle but really powerful and I was releasing all over the place. Simon is calm and kind, with a great straight forward manner. I'm rebooking as soon as I can. Thank you Simon. (SS)


I tried cranio out of curiosity rather than having a particular problem to work on and found that it left me feeling grounded and reinvigorated. Simon released all the tension from my body, particularly in my head and jaw, which I hadn’t even realised were holding so much. His warm and friendly personality made me feel at ease and his passion and knowledge for his craft shine through – highly recommend (CS)


I highly recommend Simon. His treatments are incredible! (JP)


I've had migraine issues since a child. Simon suggested I try Cranial-Therapy which has so far really helped me out. Will definitely have more treatments moving forward. (SM)


I really enjoyed this relaxing and subtle treatment with Simon in a cosy and ambient environment which instantly made me feel at ease. I have heard countless cases of friends with head injuries and migraines turning to cranial therapy for help with pretty astounding results. Looking forward to more treatments with Simon as I understand, like most effective therapies that lead to lasting change, it's a gradual process. (MC)


I have had two sessions of cranio-sacral therapy with Simon, and after both left feeling totally relaxed and much calmer. I highly recommend. (CR)