Release Harmonise Balance

The Treatment

Craniosacral therapy based in East London (Bow/Hackney), North London and Central London. Specialising in tinnitus therapy, stress, trauma and anxiety. CST can help with many different conditions emotional and physical. Due to it’s gentle and non-invasive nature it is suitable for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births.



I will take a written case history, listening with care to the reasons for your visit. This part of the session is important, both for gathering information, and to establish a good understanding of why you came for the session.

You then lie fully clothed on a treatment couch. If you are unable to lay flat, you can lie on your side, or in a chair.  Typically during the session you relax quietly while I use a number of gentle hand contacts on the the head and the spine, including the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of your spine), and other areas around the body. I will discuss these before we start the session. Please wear loose clothing if you can. I ask females to not wear skirts or dresses if possible. 

Simon Baker Craniosacral Therapy London


What will i experience?

People report a wide variety of experiences during and after a treatment, including the following: 

•    Relaxation and sense of ease
•    Warmth, and tingling sensations
•    Feeling accepted
•    A sense of harmony and peace
•    A feeling of letting go
•    Feeling balanced
•    Increased energy
•    Feeling more fully alive
•    Seeing different colours and patterns
•    Remembering past events.  
•    Getting in touch with emotions
•    Connecting with a sense of spirit
•    Deepening self- and body- awareness.



After a session there is occasionally a short period of adjustment as part of the healing process, where you may become more aware of symptoms. Sometimes people report relief after only one or two sessions. For long-standing problems further sessions may be needed. Some people find they benefit from regular treatment over an extended period of time and say that, as well as noticing improvement in their physical or emotional symptoms, they feel that they have more awareness of their own needs and strengths, and their quality of life has improved.